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Space Battleship Yamato

A live action “Space Battleship Yamato” movie? Mind blown!

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Space Suite Video

Take a look at this fantastic 3D video demo by visual effects artist Lucas Green. He used pictures and footage from Cassini, Hubble, and other sources to create these breathtaking 3D rendered video effects. He explains on his blog how he created the visual effects. Wild!

Google: Year in Search 2014

Here is Google’s “Year In Search” for 2014! It’s a wonderful overview of the year 2014: the good, the bad, and the hopeful.

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How to Make a Mechanical Hand

Take a look at this fantastic How To for making a gigantic steampunk mechanical hand!



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The Lord of the Rings Mythology Explained

Have a look at this excellent video explaining the complex history and mythology in the Lord of the Rings universe! Well, as much as can be explained in 4 minutes and 45 seconds…

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Orion Spacecraft Is Go!

NASA’s new Orion space capsule has successfully launched and landed in its first-ever test flight. On the morning of Friday, December 5th, at 7:05 am, a Delta IV Heavy rocketed the Orion space capsule 5,800 kilometers (that’s 5.8 megameters) into a high elliptical orbit. After some 5 hours, it then plunged back to Earth at 32,000 kph, and landed successfully in the Pacific Ocean.

You can see the launch here!

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For more information, check out what Space.com has to say, or you can read the article at the New York Times.

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