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New Battletech PC Game

Battletech is back! There’s a Kickstarter campaign for a new Battletech game, by the same folks who successful ran the Shadowrun Kickstarter campaign. It looks like the campaign has already grown to five times over its original goal, and with 30 days to go no less. That’s pretty good sign!

I was a huge Battletech fan back in the day, of both the original miniatures game, as well as the Battletech and Mechwarrior computer games popular in the 80s and 90s. So I for one am excited to see this project underway, and I certainly hope they deliver a compelling game!

A Map of Literature

17-year-old Martin Vargic has created this amazing Map of Literature as a graphical visualization of how the world’s literature evolved from the ancient era to the present day. The map is incredibly detailed, and features genres, authors, best selling books, best selling authors, and Nobel Prizes in literature. I’ve not been able to find full resolution images, and I can only assume that is because the Map of Literature is featured in Martin Vargic’s new book, Vargic’s Miscellany of Curious Maps: Mapping out the Modern World.

The Martian, A Self-Publishing Dream

Based on the best selling book by Andy Weir, the upcoming movie The Martian, directed by Riddle Scott, promises to be the latest sci-fi thriller in the growing list of near-future hard sci-fi. If I were to give it a short synopsis, I would say it’s a bit like MacGyver in space (or specifically, on Mars), with MacGyver looking more like Matt Damon, and named Mark Watney.

What I like most, however, is the fact that author Andy Weir self-published The Martian, only to have it become a best seller, and then become a major Hollywood motion picture, directed by the legendary Ridley Scott. That, frankly, is supremely awesome. You can read more about his wild success story on this Business Insider article.

The movie comes out on October 2nd, so be sure to check out the trailer! Oh, and also, read the book.

Dragon*Con 2015

We just got back from Dragon*Con 2015, and it was as fantastic as usual this year. I got to see some good friends, some good panels, and some really cool people. Although I did spend most of my time in the Space Track and Writer’s Track, I did get out enough to check out more than a few extraordinary costumes. Take a look at some of my pictures from the convention!


Loki and female Thor

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Steampunk Tesla Watch

Take a look at this cool steampunk Tesla watch from ThinkGeek. And it’s actually affordable. I’m not sure if the vacuum tubes really do anything other than light up, but it’s a nice effect. My only fear would be loosing the key used to actually wind the watch…

Make Your Own Steampunk Speakers

I wanted a pair of steampunk speakers as part of my ongoing project to steampunk-up my home office. Here are the steampunk speakers I ended up creating, which are mounted on the hutch above my desk. Do you like them? Well, you can have them! You just need to build them for yourself.

The article is over on Instructables.com, and has already been Featured by the Instructables editors!


It’s 2015 and Here’s Your Hoverboard

It’s 2015, and thanks to Lexus, there is a hoverboard. You just need some liquid nitrogen, super conductive rare earth magnets, 1.21 gigawatts, and a little plutonium (okay, scratch the last 2 items). Though very cool (and literally so), the hoverboard only operates on a closed track, which seems to be modus operandi of all car commercials. You’ll never be able to take this into the street, unless of course the street was paved in neodymium magnets. Even so, no one believed we would really have a hoverboard in 2015, as prophesied by Doc Brown and Marty McFly. And best of all, you’ll soon be able to get your self-lacing Nike shoes to wear while riding the Lexus hoverboard!

Latest Images from Pluto

The latest images of Pluto have been beamed back from the New Horizons probe! You can see the latest image on the New Horizons mission site, or read the article on Space.com. Also, there was a nice informative press conference, so have a look at that as well.

New Horizons Zooms Past Pluto

On July 14th, the New Horizons space probe made history as zipped past Pluto at a blistering 14 km/s (that’s 0.000046% the speed of light, if you’re counting), snapping pictures and taking readings. It will take 16 months for all the images and data to be downloaded, but NASA has already given the world several new close ups of the dwarf planet, including one image of the surface in stunning detail.

Be sure to drop by the New Horizons website from time to time, as they will certainly be adding new images and information as it’s downloaded from the distant probe.



Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

The new Dawn of Justice trailer is out! Not only does the new trailer reveal why Bruce Wayne is so angry at Superman, but it also gives us some great Lex Luthor and (brief) Wonder Woman action! But where’s Aquaman?