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Latest Images from Pluto

The latest images of Pluto have been beamed back from the New Horizons probe! You can see the latest image on the New Horizons mission site, or read the article on Space.com. Also, there was a nice informative press conference, so have a look at that as well.

New Horizons Zooms Past Pluto

On July 14th, the New Horizons space probe made history as zipped past Pluto at a blistering 14 km/s (that’s 0.000046% the speed of light, if you’re counting), snapping pictures and taking readings. It will take 16 months for all the images and data to be downloaded, but NASA has already given the world several new close ups of the dwarf planet, including one image of the surface in stunning detail.

Be sure to drop by the New Horizons website from time to time, as they will certainly be adding new images and information as it’s downloaded from the distant probe.



Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

The new Dawn of Justice trailer is out! Not only does the new trailer reveal why Bruce Wayne is so angry at Superman, but it also gives us some great Lex Luthor and (brief) Wonder Woman action! But where’s Aquaman?

New Horizons Nearing Pluto

On July 14th, 2015, the New Horizons probe will fly by the (dwarf) planet Pluto, taking photos and readings of this far flung outlier of our solar system, and the most well-known of the Kuiper Belt objects. Here’s a nice video overview of the New Horizons mission, an interesting write-up by astronomer Phil Plait.

Also check out this wonder 13 minute documentary from the New York Times.

A Natural History of the Fantastic

Ever wondered how dragons fly? An amazing new Kickstarter project is running now, A Natural History of the Fantastic by Christopher Stoll, seeking to answer just that question any many more. Exploring the fantastical biology of such beasties as griffons, minotaurs, mermaids, cyclopes, kappas, centaurs, and, of course, dragons, Christopher Stoll’s art book includes the anatomy, behavior, and origins of over 20 amazing fantasy creatures. The wonderful illustrations are each interconnected through a series of recorded histories, myths, and first-hand encounters that stress the value of exploration and curiosity in the face of superstition.

The richly illustrated book would also make an excellent gift for a child who has a keen interest in mythical creatures and natural history (age 10 and up recommend for the reading level). The expected delivery date is December 2015, and in time for Christmas.

So support an independent artist of the fantastic and pick your support pledge on Kickstarter today!


Final Fantasy VII Remake

It looks like one of my favorite games is about to get its long awaited remake. Now that it’s really happening, I’m not sure how to feel about it. FFVII was cutting edge for its time, and one of the first truly story driving RPGs with characters we cared so deeply about that their tragedies and triumphs struck a deep chord with gamers the world over. Cloud, Aerith, Sephiroth — these are the heroes and villains that transformed the Final Fantasy series from a mere video game franchise to a legend. I really want to see these characters given form with the cutting edge graphics of our day. But, truth be told, having a movie or a movie series (like Final Fantasy: Advent Children) might be a better way to go.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

The Fermi Paradox

Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is. (Rest in peace, Douglas Adams). Now here’s a great two part video explaining the nature of and possible answers to the Fermi Paradox. Not only does the narrator have a smooth British accent, but he even manages to throw in the Kardashev scale, gray goo, and Matrioshka brains to boot.

Could Batman Beat Superman?

With the upcoming DC universe film, “Batman vs. Superman” coming out early next year, you might be wondering how the Dark Knight could possibly beat the Man of Steel. Well, here’s a run down of the top 5 ways Batman might beat Superman (and without Kryptonite).


The World in 2025

SingularityHUB has a neat article on 8 predictions for the world of 2025. I think it would be pretty interesting to come back to this article in 10 years (if it exits…) and see what predictions came true. A $1,000 computer with the processing speed of a human brain might be possible (though it doesn’t really mean true AI), but their prediction of a major shift in heathcare could be a boon to us all.


Is Elon Musk the Real Tony Stark?

I recently came across an interesting infographic comparing real-life eccentric billionaire Elon Musk to the not-so-real-life eccentric billionaire Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) of Marvel Comics fame. I always knew they seemed similar, but the parallels are actually pretty amazing. The only real difference is that Elon Musk doesn’t have a flying powered armor suit to help him stop crime… and alien invaders. But since Elon Musk does own SpaceX, he might just be able to stop alien invaders, too.

Click the image to go to the full infographic: