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Review of CDX-GT630UI — 9 Comments

  1. The GT630UI, like most if not all in-dash MP3 players, does not support playlists.

    Seriously? That’s totally unacceptable. If an MP3 player can support playlists, why not a head unit? Good grief.

    If we assume they’re not insane, maybe Sony is trying to dodge the licensing of a patent by not supporting playlists. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if some patent firm owned the rights to a “automobile headunit which features the ability to play digital files in an order determined by the user” or some obvious garbage of that nature.

  2. I was initially very excited to find out about this unit. The feature set and price looked very good, but the little issues are holding me back. Leave it to Sony to throw in something annoying like the beep and spoil an otherwise good product. According to the manual (available at Crutchfield), “The alarm will only sound if the built-in amplifier is used.” I don’t plan on buying an amp just to avoid this; finding another deck will be cheaper.

    From looking at the manual for another MP3 capable player, it seems tracks are played in the order they are burned to the CD.

  3. I would love to get an in dash MP3 player but I refuse to buy one until playlists are supported. I want to get in the car, insert a USB drive with 30 gig of music, pick a playlist and go. It’s just ridiculous to not have that feature.

  4. I sent a note to Sony abut this and they say the player will play the songs in the order it reads them. That really means that it doesn’t play them in the order they are on the memory stick. Who wrote that code? Crappy. It’s my last Sony.
    P.S. the beep is to remind you to remove the faceplate and it can be turned off by going through the setup. It’s in the manual. Beep on/off. Enter Setup by pressing and holding the vol knob and then cycle through until you get to the beep setting and rotate the vol knob until it shows as “off”.

  5. I’ve had this stereo since January, and I really like it except for the button layout. The button layout is by far the worst aspect. I can’t even change tracks while wearing gloves. “NO DON’T ZAP! DAMN IT!” Even worse is hitting source, because then you have to cycle back through to USB and wait 30 seconds for music to start playing again. It takes longer than when you turn the stereo on the first time. I’m contemplating ripping out the zap button and making the source button shorter somehow.

    The order is, as others have said, the order the files were copied. The problem is that Windows, regardless of how you sort the files copies them in some undefined order. (or is it the same, by what they were copied?) I actually wrote a little program that will sort and copy the files in the order I specified. This is a common thing. My brother-in-law’s Clarion does the same thing.

    The lack of playlists is frustrating, but again a common thing. I read some Kenwoods support playlists (set up in software), but they do so by copying the files into different folders to SIMULATE playlists. If you want playlists, the iPod USB control will let you use the playlists on your iPod. It’s too bad iPods are so expensive and then I’d have to use iTunes. Bleh.

    It’s not all bad, though! I tried out a number of USB stereos, and this one was one of the fastest to browse. I love love love the browse feature. I also love the full-device shuffle. I shuffle the whole 4gb of music until something strikes me and switch to shuffling that folder. I read that Kenwoods would only let you shuffle the current “album,” but not the whole device. I use the Green backlight because it’s not as bright as the blue — very distracting at night.

    @Peter, no that doesn’t turn it off, that only turns off beeping when you hit buttons.

  6. What you need is a program called ‘DriveSort’. The GT630UI uses the order the files were written onto the drive as the order it plays them in. This can be easily changed, and your songs can be arranged like a playlist very, very easily using DriveSort. There are alternatives to DriveSort, such as FatSort and FolderSort, but DriveSort is by far my favorite, as I haven’t had issues in Windows 7 or Vista with it (as I have with the other two)

    Here’s a link to DriveSort – Hope this helps.

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