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The World of Mythania

Mythania is a fantastical realm of steam, steel, and sorcery—a world where juggernaut war machines ravage the landscape, where stupendous air fleets dominate the skies, where astral mages battle enchanted automatons, and where the march of progress is moved as much by gears of iron as it is by the weaving of spells. Empires have come and gone through the ages, rich in both of science as well as magic. From darkness to renaissance, from wars of tyranny to eras of peace and prosperity, kingdoms have risen and nations have fallen like the cycle of the endless seasons.

It is my hope that this website will give fantasy readers and steampunk enthusiasts the opportunity to explore this unique setting where steam-age technology and potent magic intermingle under the backdrop of war, conflict, and adventure.

To learn more, and to start reading the online story collection, please visit, or check out my latest posts on Mythania.


Behold, the power of steam! Interest in the steampunk movement has recently begun to pick up some, well, steam… But it can be traced back all the way to the “adventures extraordinaire” of Jules Verne. For my part, I have been developing the steam-age fantasy world of Mythania for well over 10 years now, but my interest in steampunk also extend into the areas of steampunk and Victoria aesthetics, steampunk gadgetry and gizmos, and even the burgeoning genre of steampunk music. Be sure to read my latest posts on all things steampunk for all the latest in this fascinating sub-culture of retro-future geekdom.

Linux and Open Source Advocacy

When it comes to software piracy I stand firmly in the “it’s wrong to pirate commercial software” camp. That’s not because I feel you simply must buy the latest greatest commercial software and operating systems, but because there is simply no need to either buy software or pirate software. At least, not when there are perfectly acceptable free and open source alternatives available!

That is why I consider myself to be a Linux and open source software advocate. Although professionally I do a lot of Microsoft .NET development, my primary computer and file server home use Ubuntu Linux as the operating system. I do all my web browsing on Firefox, my email on Thunderbird, and all my writing on the latest release of As a writer I do quite a bit of writing and haven’t missed Microsoft Office one iota. In fact, I feel liberated not having to rely on Microsoft or any other commercial software company.

Free and open source software is all about freedom: freedom to use, freedom to change, freedom to give, freedom to move, and freedom to choose. And freedom is the greatest liberty of all. For more on open source software please read my essay What’s all the FOSS?, and be sure to read my latest posts on Linux and open source.

Metal Storm: 2380

I created the world of Metal Storm: 2380 many years ago and have not updated either the stories or the role-playing game itself in at least 8 years. The game itself was based on Mekton Zeta game system (which is no longer published, as far as I know), and so its of little use to anyone who does not already have the Mekton Zeta books.

I do have plans to eventually update the Metal Storm: 2380 stories and put them back online. For now, however, I have temporarily removed them from this web site as I no longer feel that they are “all that they could be”, so to speak. One day, when I do re-write the Metal Storm stories, they will be returned to this web site (or another site) and once again be available for your reading enjoyment.