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Writer’s Perspective on Linux — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks, this is one cool sharing. After all, it is what keeps open source keeps living.

    I actually came across your blog by accident, and found that it is quite interesting and keep reading. I’m actually a ubuntu user for a year already. I was wanting to go for linux all the time, but it’s just too troublesome to setup on pc in past and there’s a lot of drivers which are not supported. Now, I already installed ubuntu in several pc and laptops with no problem at all. The same as you, I do wish to have a customizable pc environment and ubuntu/linux definitely satisfied me on this.

    Although at start I do have some problem with gimp, but I think it is a process which everyone needs to go through while learning new things. Today, gimp is replaceable for photoshop(for my usage of course).

    Well, I do have a question. Do you develop asp.net 3.0 on ubuntu as well? Well, I installed ubuntu on my wife’s laptop and she’s blaming me for not able to develop asp.net 3.0 applications on it. If things not working out perfectly, then I’ll need to installed back window os for her (T_T). Well, I wish to share with her what I discovered in ubuntu… anyway I will try to work it out.

    thanks for the good sharing~ I learn a new software “Scribus”. I didn’t know this.

  2. No, I do not develop Asp.net on Ubuntu–I do not think that is possible. Developing Asp.net is just what I do at work.

    And yes, GIMP is the defacto replacement for Photoshop. Good luck!

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