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What’s with the Punk? — 4 Comments

  1. I am a huge fan of the original three genres, cyberpunk (obviously), steampunk, and splatterpunk. Those terms were all coined in the 80s and are legitimate genres. I am also fond of elfpunk, biopunk (which is really a sun genre of cyberpunk), and I have become obsessed with dieselpunk and it has since become my second favorite of the punk sub genres behind cyberpunk. Having said that, depressionpunk? really? Do we really need depressionpunk, especially since dieselpunk almost always takes place from 1920-1950…? I don’t really begrudge the new punk sub genres because there will be someone who really enjoys it and quite frankly they are lots of fun, but come on, why make up a genre that is already covered? Also, I have not heard of stitchpunk and now must go to Google to see what that is.

    I really enjoyed this blog entry; though I do have one small correction, the film is spelled Blade Runner, it’s two words not one.

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